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Returning to HRB After Taking a Break? Don’t Open a New Account

1. November 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

There may come a time when you leave Hot Russian Brides and then decide to come back. If this happens, don’t create a new account. Why? Duplicate accounts cause confusion and billing issues and may be shut down. If you ever decide to return to HRB after spending time away, here’s how to reactive your original account.

If You Went Inactive…

If you officially went inactive before taking a break, you may reactive your account by logging on to HRB and following the instructions on the “My Account” page. Going inactive is the ideal way to take a break as you'll have the same username and account number should you return. Plus, you’ll also have access to your Favorites, Matches, and Admirers, as well as your email and gift history.

If You Cancelled Recurring Billing…

If your account is still active but you cancelled recurring billing and haven’t logged on in awhile, the reactivation steps are the same. Simply log into your account and upgrade your membership using the “My Account” page. You do not have to contact customer service to reactive your account.

If You Cancelled Your Account…

If you cancelled your account instead of going inactive, you’ll need to contact customer service to regain access. Members may reach a customer service rep via web hostess, phone, or email.

To avoid unnecessary confusion, don’t create a new account if you decide to return to HRB after spending time away. Instead follow the instructions outlined above or contact a member of our customer service team for help.


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