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Ride the Dnipro River Ropeway

7. August 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

There are so many historical attractions to see when you travel to meet your favorite Ukrainian brides. However, a new and exciting feature is now available that offers beautiful views of Kyiv and a heart-racing good time!


This summer, a ropeway, also known as a zip line, is taking brave thrill seekers across the Dnipro River. The route runs parallel to Pedestrians’ Bridge leading to Trukhaniv Island. Simply strap on the harness and hardhat and glide 550 meters (1,804 feet) across, about 50 meters (164 feet) above the water. The 60-second ride can go up to 60 kilometers (37 miles) per hour.


It starts near the rainbow-shaped Friendship of Nations Arch not far from European Square. The idea for the ride came from businessman and speleologist Mykola Poplavko, owner of Skypark, a company that builds and services rope parks throughout Ukraine.


"It takes my breath away – the sight of whizzing trees on the hills, cars on the road and waves of the Dnipro under my legs," said 19-year-old student Olena Moroz. 


The ropeway is expected to be open through the end of August or even September, weather permitting. It's an ideal location for an observation point high above the Dnipro River and the Podil neighborhood and it's a fun way to get to Trukhaniv Island. Is your favorite Russian girl brave enough to ride the Dnipro River ropeway?

Source, Photo: Kyiv Post