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Rock ‘N’ Roll Rules at Docker Pub

3. February 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

After you’ve marveled at Kyiv’s many monuments and toured a myriad of museums, the time may come when you just need some good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll! Some of Ukraine’s most famous bands, as well as local acts, perform nightly at Docker Pub, where there’s only one rule: Do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t disturb others!


The small wooden building was modeled after the old pubs of Irish seaports, complete with the dark, dank, smoke filled interior. Everyone is welcome, whether a wealthy ship owner or a poor harbor worker. The goal of the establishment is to make everyone feel absolutely free.


The music is so amazing, patrons often dance the night away, and are encouraged to do so on top of the bars and tables! From Elvis and Rockabilly to Ska, Latin, and Funk, all types of tunes are featured. Docker Pub also hosts themed events with tribute bands such as The Beatles Party and AC/DC Night!


While a wide variety of brews and booze are in abundance, guests are impressed by the selection of snacks as well. Typical pub grub includes chicken wings, fried mozzarella and club sandwiches, but more sophisticated palates enjoy baked potatoes stuffed with bacon and eggs, beef Carpaccio, salmon, and more main entrées.


If you’re craving a crazy night of libations, live music, and lovely Ukrainian ladies, experience the Docker Pub in Kyiv. One is located in the industrial part of town on Bohatyrska Street, while the other is in the Passage on Khreshchatyk Street.


Check out the video clips below of Ukrainian band Mad Heads XL performing at Docker Pub last month!