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Romantic Adventure at Kyivan Rus Theme Park

25. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

If you’re hoping to experience some real Ukrainian history and culture during your visit to Kyiv, make sure to stop by the Kyivan Rus theme park, just outside of the capital city.


Open from April to October, this outdoor festival has special events every weekend. Battling knights, dancing maidens, and heroic horsemen put on fabulous shows and guests can participate in the fun as well. Traditional Ukrainian costumes are available for sale or rent and authentic weapons can be purchased. You can even take a professional training class on archery or knife throwing.


Romance runs rampant at the Kyivan Rus park, with gobs of gorgeous Ukrainian girls everywhere. Bring along your favorite Ukrainian bride to dance to traditional music, dine on authentic cuisine, and cheer on your favorite warrior.


This weekend is the International Stuntman Festival where daredevils will fly through the air on motorcycles, manage perilous escapes from exploding cars, and dangerously dodge a whopping amount of weapons. This year, an actual historical action movie about Kyivan Rus will be filmed at the park.


Are you chatting with any beautiful Ukrainian women from Kyiv? Ask them about this fun and festive theme park and consider including it on your places to visit during your next trip!