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Rouse Romantic Feelings with Your Profile Photos

16. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

You’ve probably given plenty of thought about when to take profile pictures, like when you’ve had a fresh shave and haircut, or when you’re wearing a dapper suit. But have you considered where?


Hundreds of hot Russian brides revealed places they find most romantic in a recent survey. Why not use this valuable information to rouse romantic feelings with your photos?


Get Wet

The first lovely locale that was mentioned most often is the beach. Whether you’re soaking up rays during the day, enjoying the ocean breeze at night, or taking in a beautiful sunset, bring your camera along and ask someone to snap a couple pics of you.


If you don’t live near the beach, lakes and rivers were mentioned as well. Set up a romantic picnic scene near the lake and the ladies will likely imagine themselves right there next to you.


Be One with Nature

Are you more of a mountain man? Several girls said that they find mountainous locations to be very romantic so consider some shots while hiking or relaxing inside a log cabin with a bottle of champagne in front of the fireplace.


Nature of any kind of resonates with Russian women so pics in a forest or near a waterfall will work well too.


Take Her Virtually On Your Travels

These ladies also love to travel so some of their dream destinations are very romantic places to take your profile pictures. Exotic islands and European locales were the most popular destinations with many ladies mentioning Paris, France and the Eiffel Tower along with the Italian cities of Venice and Rome.


They also long to lounge in the Maldives, the Caribbean, Seychelles, Bali, and Hawaii. If you have vacation photos of yourself in these places, consider posting them to your profile or sharing them with your favorite lady in an email.


Other places that Ukrainian girls find romantic include Dubai, Thailand, Greece, Mexico, and Disneyland in the United States!


Tour Your Town

While a few of these places are far-fetched and may not be feasible, some girls are more simplistic with their ideas of romance, mentioning a quiet restaurant or candlelit dinner at home as their ideal way to spend the evening. Create a tasty table setting for two and capture a photo to show her what a romantic dinner with you will be like.


Your neighborhood park is also a preferable place to take a pic and several ladies listed a rooftop as a very romantic place.


Posting unusual and creative photos to your profile will show them that you’ve put some thought into your online dating efforts and romantic suggestions like these may encourage them to contact you sooner. Log on to HotRussianBrides.com today!