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Russia Celebrates 500 Day Countdown to Winter Olympics

25. September 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

It's hard to believe that Russia has never hosted the Winter Olympics but that will change in exactly 500 days when the 2014 opening ceremony takes place in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi.


Various sports and music events were held in 17 cities across the country to celebrate the countdown and thousands of volunteers participated in flash mobs and relay races.


At squares, stadiums and sports complexes, flash mobs demonstrated a total of 22 giant Olympic pictograms, symbolizing all of the winter sports. Each pictogram was made using square blue-white shields that the volunteers held above their heads, turning around and combining them on the command of the event director. (Click here to watch the video!)


The relay races represented the winter sports as well. In Moscow, in an imitation of ice hockey, participants completed the relay in hockey helmets on roller blades. In Sochi, they demonstrated "snowboarding," covering a set distance on skateboards and passing each other the relay baton. In Volgograd, speed skating was imitated on roller skates; and in Novocherkassk, "bobsled" team members completed an obstacle course using cones on a longboard.


Organizers also unveiled the official slogan: "Hot. Cool. Yours."


"Russia in many ways is a country of contrasts and we wanted to emphasise that in the slogan," said the organizing committee president, Dmitry Chernyshenko. "The climate is cold but the hospitality is warm. The Olympics are winter but Sochi is a southern city, and you could list many other contrasts here, so we picked this slogan."


In Russian, the slogan reads slightly differently: "Hot. Wintry. Yours."


The Games begin February 7th, 2014.

 Source: Sochi 2014