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Russia Prepares for Victory Day

6. May 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

May 9, is Victory Day in Russia and Ukraine, a day marking the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s surrender to the former Soviet Union. This surrender brought an end to World War II, a six-year conflict that claimed the lives of 24 million Russian citizens. 


Victory Day Traditions

Victory Day is a national holiday in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries in the former Soviet Union. Schools, government offices, and most businesses close for the day, and citizens celebrate this special holiday by attending local military parades, watching firework shows, and presenting red carnations to living veterans or placing flowers at war memorials. It's also a tradition to hold feasts in the veterans’ honor and to watch World War II films on television. Schools may also hold programs featuring wartime poetry and music. The biggest Victory Day celebration in Russia is the V-Day parade in Moscow’s Red Square. The parade showcases Russia’s forces and thousands of people attend the awe-inspiring display of military might.


Leaders of Russia, Ukraine Express Thanks

In honor of the upcoming holiday, Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia, sent special Victory Day cards to over 4 million war veterans across Russia. The cards congratulate each veteran by name and were hand delivered in envelopes specially designed for the 66th Victory anniversary.

On Friday, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych congratulated the nation’s veterans and thanked them for the opportunity to live in a free country.

“I sincerely congratulate all of you, the liberators of Ukraine and Europe, on Victory Day. Good health and long life,” Yanukovych said.

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Photo Credit: RIA Novosti