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Russia To Have Different Internet Language

25. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

Russian ladies will now have their own language on the internet.

Russia became the first nation to use the Cyrillic alphabet (Russian alphabet) for a national domain name .рф - Russian Federation, Rossia.rf - instead of Latin letters.

Government registration of domain names is given top priority and is free. Registration for private companies with known trademarks such as Coca-Cola or Microsoft can range anywhere from $40 to $350.

Starting April 20 of next year, other firms and individuals will be able to register domain names in Cyrillic. In order to cut down on cyber squatters, Russian officials have set extreme registration prices, expected to be round $347,500 per domain name. By summer prices are expected to level off and be on par with registration fees in the .ru domain. 

Last year, .rf was approved by officials at the request of President Dmitry Medvedev to raise the importance of the Russian language.

In 2004, there were just 22 million Internet users in Russia. Today, there are more than 45 million users on line in Russia. That number is expected to increase rapidly in the next five years.

No need to wait until April to talk to a Russian woman. Why not see who’s online in Russia, right now?