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Russia and Ukraine – What Are The Major Differences?

14. October 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

We have recently received some suggestions from Customers that we point out that while Russian ladies and Ukrainian women have a shared cultural history, not only from the days of the Soviet Union, but stretching back to the days of the Tsars and Princes in the Old Russian Empire, they weren't sure about what the differences between Russians and Ukrainians actually were. Indeed, in studies among Russian and Ukrainian people themselves, many didn’t see much difference at all between Russians and Ukrainians. Frequently it is cited that both groups share a common history, culture and (in some cases) language.

Some of the polled people did note that they felt Ukrainians were more concerned with establishing and holding onto their National identity than Russians were. It was also mentioned that Western Ukraine has a more notable percentage of people in the Catholic Church, rather than the Orthodox Church.

Politically, Ukraine is still a great deal more European Union-friendly than Russia, with Ukraine being rumored to be interested in joining up with the EU and with international peace-keeping force NATO, while Russia is more interested in its own Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States or CIS, a group of mostly former Soviet countries. Ukraine helped found the CIS but never ratified its charter, so is considered a Member but does not recognize its authority.  Ukraine’s perceived lean toward Europe was one of the major disputes that erupted between Russian leaders and Ukraine’s former President Viktor Yuschenko. After Ukraine elected a more Pro-Russian President, tensions between the countries rapidly cooled.

Both Ukrainians and Russians are fiercely proud of their countries and their heritage, so it is always important to remember not to confuse Russian brides and Ukrainian girls, but it is also a good idea to learn about the rich shared culture between these two countries and the rest of the Slavic world when you want to get closer to your other half!