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Russia’s First Stealth Fighter Plane Makes its Maiden flight

4. February 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

The Russian military, still largely built around Soviet technology, received a huge shot in the arm on January 29th, after the country’s first “Stealth Fighter Jet”, manufactured by state-run aircraft company Sukhoi made its first test flight.

Dubbed the “PAK FA”, an acronym for its Russian name which translates to “Future Front Line Aircraft System”, the jet successfully completed its maiden voyage, and is intended to go into service in 2015. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been following production and development of the jet himself and has been noted as calling the flight “A remarkable event.”

Sukhoi has been working on the design for a stealth fighter since 2002, and although it was planned for three models to go into production, the PAK FA will be the sole model created solely by Russians. A second two-pilot version of the plane is being developed in conjunction with HAL, an Indian aircraft manufacturer. The Russian Air Force intends to have 200 Single-pilot planes and 50 two-pilot planes in the air.

Photo: Sukhoi Website