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Russia’s Visa-Free World Cup Plan

20. August 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Visa-free travel has been in the news surrounding Russia and Ukraine over the last few months, as Ukraine and Israel have just announced Visa-Free travel and The European Union have been working with Ukraine to move toward providing it as well.

Russia has now made another announcement, tying in with their upcoming 2018 World Cup bid. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made a statement on August 17th, declaring that the Russian government would promise Visa-free entry to the country for guests and participants in the World Cup for the duration of the event, should it come to Russia.

While this would be a great step toward showing their preparedness for the event, Russia still has some other hurdles to jump – most of their stadiums do not currently meet the requirements of FIFA (the governing board of the World Cup) and some have stated that the country would have to build ten stadiums and refurbish six of their pre-existing ones.

Russia’s infrastructure would also require maintenance to handle the influx of people who would be attending the games. This would include airports, highways and access to services including telecommunications. A successful bid for the World Cup could cause a flurry of investment from outside the country which could boost Russia’s economy significantly.

It may be a few years off, but the 2018 World Cup being hosted in Russia could significantly impact some of our members. Sports-loving gentlemen traveling to see Russian ladies and the World Cup at the same time can take advantage of the Visa-free travel available at that time!