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Russian Artist Transforms Old Buildings Into Whimsical Characters (18 Pics!)

19. March 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


Every city has old, decaying buildings but one Russian artist has made a project out of transforming them. Nikita Nomerz travels around the country looking for old buildings and structures to add to his art project called The Living Wall. 


"I have always loved to draw, from my earliest years," Nomerz explains. "I started graffiti about 8 years ago. I saw it on the street, and I thought - I want to try it. I liked it, so I switched from paper to the wall."


Currently studying design at the Arts and Humanities Institute, Nomerz always likes to experiment and try new things. But he's careful not to encroach on people's property.


"I usually paint in abandoned places where there are few people: where I will not bother people, and where other people would not stop me," he says. "And when I do work in public places, I try to do them quickly and at night. I’ve never had serious problems with the cops."


When you travel to Russia, be on the lookout for Nomerz's masterpieces since he always tries to create something in every city he visits. For now, take a look at some of them right here!



Source: blog.globalstreetart.com, Photos: nomerz.blogspot.com