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Russian Audience Awards 1 Million Pelmeni to Edward Pimentel

27. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Karaoke is a popular pastime all over the world, but some singers take it to the next level and participate in an international contest known as the Karaoke World Championships.


What began in Finland in 2003 with only 7 countries competing has since grown to represent as many as 30 countries. This year, there were amateur performers from 16 countries who took part in the three-day competition in Moscow.


Both the male and female first place winners were from Finland and left Moscow with prizes of karaoke machines. However, it was American Edward Pimentel who received the most audience votes and won the most unusual prize - 1 million pelmeni! If Pimentel ate 100 of the Russian dumplings every day, the whole lot would last him 27 years, laughed the event's organizers.


Russian themes were prevalent throughout the contest, with an opening act of Cossack performers and Russian folk music. Alexander Shamaev, organizer of the event, enjoyed the opportunity to share Russian culture, as well as bring people from all over the world together. "The goal for us is the unification of the entire planet under the banner of karaoke," he said. "We hope it will become the most massive sport on the planet."