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Russian Billionaire Drops 52K on Lunch with Hot Russian Girlfriend

2. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

Aw, the good life! Being a Russian billionaire means you can have a hot Russian woman, Dasha Zhukova, on your arm, own Chelsea Football Club and spend $52,000 on lunch.


Lunch with Family & Friends

Roman Abromovich and nine friends, including stunning Russian model Zhukova and his son Arkady, allegedly indulged at New York’s Nello's Italian Restaurant on Madison Avenue, on meal of  truffles, veal and pasta, and consumed a fine selection champagnes, wines and after lunch drinks.

Abramovich admits he dined at the restaurant on Friday with friends, but denies that he spent that much. However, owner Nello Balan, claims the bill it true and added that Mr. Abramovich wanted "excellence and perfection" at his meal.


Afternoon Imbibe

Ballan’s staff claims that the group purchased two magnums of Cristal rose champagne at $5,000 per bottle, and Chateau Petrus wine, three bottles of La Tache Romanee Conti pinot noir, bringing their total purchase just on wine to more than $34,000.


Adding another $423 to the alcohol bill were a few glasses of Tawny port and Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey.


Good Eating

Waiters said that Abramovich began his lunch with an appetizer of white truffle Carpaccio followed by an entrée of veal Milanese and a side of truffle tagliolini. His son had seafood pasta and the rest of the party shared dishes of prosciutoo, calamari and pasta.


Big Tipper

The total bill came to $47,221.09, which included an automatic tip of 20%-$7,328, but Abramovich was very generous and threw in an extra $5,000 for the wait staff, which, upon the party departing, all high-fived each other.


Abramovich and his friends were also very generous to other guests as well by offering them their unfinished bottles of champagne, wine and port. A very happy couple seated at the next table, received nearly a full bottle of Petrus.



Economic problems certainly have not hurt Abramovich and his beautiful Russian girlfriend or Nello’s Italian Restaurant. Earlier last week, music mogul Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce dropped $1,700 at lunch at Nello’s.