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Russian Boxing Babe is Ready for Olympic Gold

3. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Women's boxing will be included in the Olympics for the first time at the 2012 London Games. All eyes are on Russian boxing beauty Natalya Ragozina, the world's best female boxer right now. She's dominated all 22 of her fights and holds all the major female super middleweight boxing titles. Winning an Olympic gold medal would solidify her superior status.


Natalya's birth country of Kazakhstan has asked her to compete in their honor, while so has Germany, where most of her bouts are held. Many are surprised that Russia wasn't first to offer to represent the charming champion, since Natalya resides in Russia and considers it her home country. However, Boris Ivanyuzhenkov, President of the Russian Boxing Federation told Russia Today, "No doubt, we are going to invite her! I will personally ask her to fight for the national team in London! We only need her to get through the qualification and win the Olympic gold for our country. Of course, we understand that she's one of the best athletes in the sport now."


This boxing babe has become so impressive in her sport that a movie was made about her named Belaya Medveditsa, or White Bear. She has also recently published a book titled "Knockout From a Blonde". As an actor, author, model, and undefeated boxing champion, Natalya, also known as Natascha, is confident about adding an Olympic gold medal to her list of achievements. “Of course, I've been dreaming of participating in the Olympics for years. I've got a lot of titles, nine champion's belts – both in boxing and kickboxing, but no Olympic gold. But you'll see – I will win it!”


Here are some photos from her movie, as well as a promo video.