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Russian Bride Letters, Too Good To Be True?

23. October 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Some skeptical members worry that the emails from these beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women contain fake letters. Since the translators assist the ladies in composing their letters, sometimes they have to rewrite them in order for you to understand their message and meaning. This may alter the personal feel of the letter but it is still your Russian ladies’ ideas and intentions that she is sharing with you.


Too Much Passion?

On the other hand, some men think the letters are too personal, oozing so much passion in every sentence that the letters must be phony. All the correspondence you share with these women is real. There is a beautiful single lady exploring her creativity and exposing her emotions behind every written letter.


Translation Takes Time  

The language difference is an obvious issue that factors into letter writing. This is an aspect of the HotRussianBrides dating adventure that you must understand and accept right at the start. Russian and Ukrainian women love to talk, laugh, and share just as much as the women in your own country, it just may take a little more time for them to understand your messages and respond.


Find Out Her Fluency First

When selecting a Russian bride to communicate with, make sure to look at the English Skill section of her profile. This will help you understand exactly how much translation assistance she needs. You will find that many of the Russian beauties are fluent in English and may even know several other languages as well! Although there are some with poor or elementary English skills, they still have lots of interesting and charming thoughts and ideas to share with you so don’t let their fluency discourage you.


Communicating with someone of a different culture and language is a fun learning experience. Don’t let the language difference feel like a barrier. Break down those walls and begin learning about the dreams and desires of hot Russian brides!