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Russian Bride Romance? Friendship First!

28. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Lovely-Fairy is looking for her best friend and soul mate!

Since most guys have brides on the brain when communicating with Russian and Ukrainian women online, they often forget that successful marriages are based on good friendships. When your other half is also your best friend, you’ll share a stronger bond than if you wed a woman basely on romantic love alone.


Couples who have the most long term relationship success do little things every day to stay connected and show they care. They know each other deeply and enjoy being together. Most of all they understand, honor, and respect each other. These are all attributes that people look for in good friends.


When solid friendships are established, people start letting their positive feelings about each other override the negative ones which is crucial for strong marriages. It’s easy for partners to become experts at identifying the negative traits of the other person and ignore or minimize the positive ones. Research shows that to build a happy relationship, couples need 8 to 10 positive interactions for every negative one.


Also, spouses who are friends first tend to make more repair attempts during a conflict, like making a silly face or bringing up a private joke, to keep anger from escalating out of control. By knowing each other so well, they can relieve tension in volatile situations more easily. All couples argue, but these couples have the advantage.


If you have a special Russian lady that you’ve grown closer with online, how do you know if you’ve built a solid friend foundation? Quiz yourself on what you’ve learned about her. Do you know who the important people in her life are? Do you know her favorite food, color, holiday, music and movie? How about her favorite way to spend an evening or her greatest fear? If you know the answers, you’re well on your way to a healthy relationship. If you don’t, you may need to take more time getting to know her. Many couples who have matched up on HotRussianBrides.com credit their strong friendships for the success of their partnerships.