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Russian Bride Videos: Bet You Can't Watch Only One

4. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Some gentlemen members don't realize that there are so many different ways to watch the Russian and Ukrainian brides on HotRussianBrides. Once you watch one video, you may find yourself watching another and another... Here are several different kinds of videos available for your viewing pleasure.  


Introduction Videos

You begin selecting the Russian and Ukrainian ladies you want to communicate with by reading their profiles and viewing their photos. Go one step further and see your Russian girl in action by viewing her introduction video. Gentlemen members tell us that these intro videos are a great way to help them decide if they want to pursue that lady. Each one is very different and entertaining. They will really give you a different look in her world. Some will even make you laugh out loud!


Agency Videos

You must be curious to know what goes on at the agency offices in Russia and Ukraine where these lovely, single ladies go to chat with you. Remember, most Russian ladies don’t have computers at home so they frequent agency offices that provide the computers, internet access, web cams, and translators. Some agencies send HotRussianBrides videos showing the behind-the-scenes footage of what actually goes on there. Seeing Russian girls sitting at the computers, laughing, waving and blowing kisses is adorable. It’s also reassuring to see that they are real and have nothing to hide.


Hobby Videos

Photography, dancing, working out… whatever these Russian women like to do for fun, they enjoy demonstrating it for your in “My Hobby” videos. It’s interesting to see the different types of activities these ladies engage in and it’s a good way to see if you have some hobbies in common. Plus, a beautiful woman always looks her best when she’s immersed in something she’s passionate about.


Beauty Show Videos

What’s better than watching gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian brides strutting down the runway, dressed to impress? You may have heard of fashion shows or beauty pageants, but these lovely ladies like to show off their amazing appearance in beauty shows. These videos are a must see.


You can find ladies who have introduction videos on their profile easily by including that criteria in your search. All of these other incredible videos can be seen in the HRBtv category of this blog. You can also check out the HotRussianBrides channel on YouTube to see plenty more videos including bathing suit beauties, photo slideshows, and intimate interviews with stunning Russian and Ukrainian brides. Tune in today!