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"Russian Brides" Aren't Rushing to Be Brides

11. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Some ladies and gentlemen join HotRussianBrides with the goal of getting married right away. Other members join our service because they want to expand their dating pool and meet new people. If marriage happens, great! However, matrimony is not necessarily the immediate goal. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to get married right away, problems can arise when men who want to reach the altar as soon as possible pressure or disrespect ladies who want to take their time.

Despite our name, the women on HotRussianBrides do not necessarily want to become brides this week, this month, or this year. The ladies may be willing to marry the right guy after a brief courtship, but there is no guaranteed timeline. Does this mean the slower moving ladies are scammers who aren’t serious? No. It means they take marriage seriously and want to be sure they marry the right guy. The idea that women on Russian dating sites will basically marry anyone at anytime is a common myth.

If you joined HotRussianBrides with the hopes of getting married as soon as possible know that not everyone shares that goal. Even ladies who do wish to wed in the near future will not marry a man simply because he asks. Men must still make an effort to woo, charm, and get to know the women on our site. Very few ladies will agree to marriage if a man proposes in the first email or two, especially if they have never met a gentleman in person. While the desire to marry right away is understandable, rushing to wed can actually slow down the process of finding a Russian bride.