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Russian Brides Celebrating Name Days This Week

31. January 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Hot Russian bride, InnaRay

Three Russian names are honored this week, giving gentlemen more opportunities to break the ice and start chatting with new ladies.


Today we celebrate Ksenia, which comes from the Greek name Xenia, meaning “hospitality” or “welcoming”. Famous Russian women who share this name include world champion gymnast Ksenia Semenova and Miss World 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova.


Ksenia - January 31, also February 6


Inna began as a masculine Russian name meaning “strong water”, but became more commonly used for Russian girls. In fact, Inna was the fourth most popular name given to girls born in Moscow in 2007. Inna Churikova is an award-winning actress of theater and films, while Inna Popenko was Russian Playboy Playmate of 2009.


Inna - February 2


You probably know several Russian brides named Anastasia since this is one of the most popular names in the former Soviet Union. Anastasia means “resurrection” and is most commonly associated with the Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia, who was the youngest daughter of Nicholas II, the last Russian czar.


Anastasia – February 4