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Russian Brides Have Beauty and Brains!

2. September 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Meet hot Russian bride Amellissa

While gentlemen are initially attracted to hot Russian brides because of their beauty, they keep coming back once they see how interesting and smart they are. When you can chat for hours about all sorts of different topics, you start to realize you may have found your soul mate!


One type of brainy bride you can meet is the sexy schoolgirl. She's absorbed in college classes and term papers but she always makes time to log on and look for love. While students are typically younger in age, men are often surprised by their maturity. Share stories about your own educational experiences and ask how she plans to implement her degree.


Another kind of smart single you may come across in your search is the career woman. From lawyers and nurses to teachers and business managers, Russian women have all sorts of professions. Some gentlemen members wonder how girls can list jobs like doctor or psychologist at such a young age. Russian society puts a strong emphasis on education early on so it is possible.


Ukrainian ladies are like sponges who love soaking up new information from everywhere and everyone around them. You may see reading and traveling often listed as hobbies on their profiles. This is because they are so eager to learn all about different places around the world!


Search for your match today so you can enjoy the best of both beauty and brains!