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Russian Brides Love Russian Blues

4. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian ladies love their pets, as can be seen by many of them posing playfully with pets in their profile photos. Do any of them own a Russian Blue? This breed of cat is one of the smartest felines and originated in Arkhangelsk, Russia.


Also known as the Archangel Cat or Foreign Blue, this breed’s silvery blue color and vivid green eyes give it a strikingly beautiful appearance. It has a lean elongated body and a short plush coat, ideal for easy grooming. This is only 1 of 2 breeds that has a double coat which is very thick and unbelievably soft to the touch.


Russian blues are so intelligent that they are known to open doors, play fetch, and react to human emotions. They are very active, yet quiet and clean. Rumor has it that the Russian Blue is a descendant of the Royal Cat of the Russian Czars and a favored pet of Queen Victoria.


If you or your Russian bride have the blues, this cat is said to very helpful in cheering you up. Their mouth is slightly upturned on the sides to make the appearance that they are smiling. They are also extremely affectionate and loving, getting along well with other pets and children.


The Russian Blue is the purr-fect elegant and devoted companion, much like a Russian bride. You could have a Russian bride and a Russian Blue!