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Russian Dating Success Tips

10. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

When you first sign up for Hot Russian Brides, the Russian dating experience can seem overwhelming. Your inbox fills up with emails from beautiful women almost more quickly than you can read the messages. What is the best way to sort through them all and find the lady who is right for you?


Go Ahead and Send as Many Introduction Letters as Your Membership Level Allows

You won’t know whether that lady you have your eye on is interested until you send a hello. Early in the game, it’s a good idea to keep your options wide open so you don’t risk passing up a lady who is perfect for you.


Send follow-ups to about five women.

It will take a few email exchanges to learn whether or not you are compatible with one another. Chat with one another a bit to see whether you two are a good match. Having conversations going with a few ladies not only helps your odds, it ensures that you’ll almost always have a friendly message or two waiting for you when you log on each day. 


Chat with and watch the video streams of a few.

Chat and video can reveal even more about what a lady is like. The way that she smiles, small gestures, and even the way that she holds herself are far more apparent in a moving video than in profile photographs. Chat, especially with a fluent speaker, flows far more quickly and naturally than email, allowing you to see how well the two of you can converse with one another. You will find, naturally, that your communication is easier and more natural with some ladies than with others. Not only do you get to learn more about your compatibility level through chat and video, you get more familiar with your new Russian lady friend.


Go to meet at least two or three.

Sometimes, you will find that someone you had terrific rapport with online will be someone you have no chemistry with in person. Taking a trip to a foreign country is a large burden to place on just one person. Make plans to have dates with a few ladies so that, if things with your first date just don’t click, you have an opportunity to spend an evening with someone else.


Online Russian dating is not a path to an instant romance. It takes time to find a compatible lady and time to develop a relationship. But, with some patience and dedication, your odds of finding the right Russian lady for you are great.