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Russian Girl Band “Reflex”

19. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Who is this trio of Russian beauties? Individually, they are Zhenya Malakhova, Alyona Torganova, and Anastasia Studenikina. Together, they are “Reflex,” one of Russia’s most popular musical groups.

In the last decade, Reflex has risen to the top of the Russian music scene. Known for their harmonious vocals – not to mention stunning looks – the trio rocketed to stardom in 1999 with their first hit single titled “Dalni Svet,” (in English, “Distant Light”). The song conquered the hit parade of the Europe Plus radio station and established the group as a force of European pop music. In 2001, their song “Soiti s uma,” (“I Lose My Mind”) hovered at first place on the Russian radio charts for several weeks. Most recently, the group released the album “Blondes 126” in 2008.

Ten years after their debut, they maintain a loyal fan base in Russia and throughout Europe. Whether or not you like their music, you can’t deny that they are fun to look at.