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Russian Girls Give Profile Photo Tips

26. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Smile! And introduce yourself to "Nusik" from Yalta!

Gentlemen who know what turns Russian women on are not only more successful courting them online and meeting them in person, but they also incorporate that valuable information into their profiles.


Whether you are uploading profile photos for the first time, or need to refresh your profile and take some new shots, be sure to include these tips to attract more ladies.



Russian girls have spoken and they all agree they like men who smile. Actually, their top turn on is a good sense of humor and the best way to show you possess that quality is by sporting a genuine smile in your photos. You’ll look happy and friendly, which Russian women are very attracted to.



You may think getting too dressed up for your profile photos is silly, but Russian women appreciate men who look their best. You’ve probably heard that Russians and Ukrainians typically dress nicer than people in Western countries do, so taking some photos in your best suit will help you stand out. Men always look very handsome in suits, plus it makes you look successful and mature.



Some ladies may prefer a rugged, scruffy looking guy, but most Russian women say that the clean, well groomed look is the way they like their men. A nice shave and a haircut before taking your photos will make you look clean and presentable. Also, a less hairy appearance usually makes men look younger which may be a benefit when courting some of the younger Russian girls.


The 3 S’s of profile photos are easy to remember. Give them a try and post some new photos right away. You could be picturing yourself with a beautiful Russian bride in no time.