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Russian Girls Rise to Musical Stardom as “Serebro”

12. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Just call them the dynamic trio.

In less than three years, these three Russian women have rocketed to stardom, delighting both fans and critics as “Serebro,” one of Russia’s most popular musical groups.

The group’s current lineup consists of Elena Temnikova, Olga Seryabkina, and Anastasia Karpova – three Russian ladies whose talent for singing was recognized by Russian music producer Maxim Fadeev.

The group got started in 2006, with former member Marina Lizorkina rounding out the original trio along with Temnikova and Seryabkina. They gained prominence the following year when they were chosen to represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest, an annual televised song competition that takes place between European countries. They later finished third in the overall competition with their hit song titled, “Song #1,” which was later released as their first single.

Following their TV victory, the group embarked on a series of concerts throughout Europe while at the same time recording several new songs. They were nominated for four awards at the 2008 MTV Russia Music Awards, one of which they won for “Best Debut.” In early 2009, they released their first album, “Opiumroz.”

Shortly afterward, Lizorkina left the group for personal reasons and was replaced by Karpova. The group continues to perform concerts in Europe as well as record new songs.