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Russian Ladies Love Chivalrous Gentlemen

31. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

In some ways, Ukrainian and Russian ladies are quite old fashioned. They appreciate being treated well by gentlemen, and that includes observing chivalrous manners. Perfect gentlemanly manners are sure to impress.


A few tips in case your skills are a bit rusty:


  • Bring flowers to your date. Make sure you always pick an odd number, and that they are not yellow. (Yellow flowers signify romantic disinterest.)
  • Always offer your arm and walk on the outside of the sidewalk when escorting a Russian lady.
  • When you enter a car, open the door for her. When it is time to disembark, get out first so you can offer your hand to her.
  • Open the door for her when going into or out of a building.
  • Offer her your coat if it is chilly.
  • Before you suggest a walking date, take a look at her shoes. High heels are common footwear for dates in Russia, and they could be impractical and uncomfortable for sight-seeing on foot.
  • Offer to carry her bags when shopping.
  • At dinner, pull out her chair. Stand until she’s seated, and rise if she gets up.
  • Arrange her travel for her. If you are meeting in public, tell her that you will send a cab to pick her up. At the end of your date, safely see her into the cab that will take her home.


Traditional, chivalrous courtesies are sure to impress your Russian bride. Still looking for the perfect lady for you? Sign on now.


Photo: Kamila T