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Russian Ladies Named Inna Celebrate Today (18 Pics!)

2. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Pretty Ukrainian lady, Innesa

A new month has begun which means more lovely Russian and Ukrainian ladies celebrating name days. Are you chatting with any Russian women named Inna?


This is a classic Slavic name, pronounced EE-nah, and may have originated as a shorter way to refer to women with names ending in "ina".  


Take a look at these photos of beautiful Russian and Ukrainian brides who share this name. Click on the pics to view the profiles. Introduce yourself by wishing her a happy name day! Maybe one of these lovely ladies is your soul mate!


Hot Russian bride, Innachau

Beautiful Ukrainian woman, Inna3275

Sexy Ukrainian bride, Innessa48

Sexy Russian lady, Inna4915

Sweet Ukrainian girl, Inna4264

Hot Ukrainian bride, Inna9

Sexy Russian woman, Innaxxx

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, Innet

Sexy Ukrainian girl, Innabella

Hot Russian bride, Innalove

Amazing Ukrainian beauty, Innandr

Sexy Russian lady, Inna9840

Sexy Slavic bride, Innastar11

Hot Ukrainian girl, Bomb_Inna

Beautiful Ukrainian woman, Innasky

Charming Russian bride, CharmingInna

Sexy Ukrainian girl, Inna250