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Russian Man Devises New Way to Get to Work

3. February 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

The daily commute to work can certainly be a hassle. This is especially true in Russia where temperatures can reach well below zero. However, one man in the town of Dzerzhinsk has created a device that makes his commute a little more tolerable.


Sergei Khvalin invented a propeller backpack that, when combined with skis, allows him to glide to work quickly and efficiently. Assembled from a lawnmower motor and a handmade wooden propeller, Khvalin’s creation sends the Russian down the streets of Dzerzhinsk at speeds up to 25 mph. The innovative device is much faster than walking, or even skiing, to work and allows Khvalin to avoid the crowded streets and slow public transportation of his hometown.


“It is a new way of transportation. Whoever does downhill skiing should understand this,” he said. “It is speed, first of all and then this thing weighs 15 kilograms, so it can also be used as a workout machine. And it is great to just race straight with high speed."


It sounds like Khvalin hopes his device will be used for more than transportation.


Khvalin is a well-known figure in the town of Dzerzhinsk. Neighbors have nicknamed him Karlsson, after a fictional Swedish character with the ability to fly thanks to a button-operated propeller on his back.
Check out a video of Sergei Khvalin and his propeller backpack in action.


Source: The Daily Mail