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Russian Name Days for Aleksandra and Elizaveta!

6. May 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Meet hot Russian bride, Alexandra888Today and tomorrow are Russian Name Days for Aleksandras and Elizavetas. These beautiful names are quite popular in countries of the Former Soviet Union so you may already know some ladies you can congratulate. If not, introduce yourself to the hot Russian brides below! 


Aleksandra, also spelled Alexandra, is the feminine version of the Greek name Alexander. Meaning “protector of man”, it was one of the titles given to the Greek goddess Hera who came to be known as “one who comes to save warriors.”


Some Russian and Ukrainian women spell this name Oleksandra or prefer the nicknames Sasha, Shura, and Lesya.


The name Elizaveta, the Russian version of the name Elizabeth, is of Hebrew origin meaning “devoted to God”. Russian and Ukrainian girls who share this name tend to be inspirational leaders with strong intuitions.


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May 6th - Aleksandra

Gorgeous Russian girl, BlondeAleksa

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Lovely Russian lady, SmileU

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May 7th - Elizaveta

Lovely Ukrainian lady, LylyLay

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Sexy Ukrainian woman, Lizochka

Adorable Russian bride, Lizzok

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