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Russian Name Days for Anna and Maria!

16. February 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Since Anna and Maria were the names of several saints, there are many days throughout the year that are celebrated as their Russian Name Days.


February 16th is one of the days that honors Russian women named Anna. It may have originated from the Hebrew name Hannah, which means “favor” or “grace”. Russian and Ukrainian women may use slight variations, such as Ania, Anka, Anya, or Anyuta.


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February 19th is a Russian Name Day for another popular women's name, Maria. While it's commonly used in many cultures, Russian ladies like to spell it with slight variations, like Mariya or Marya. They may also prefer the nicknames of Masha, Mashenka, or Mashulya. This name is said to have several meanings, such as "beloved" in Hebrew and "the sea" in Latin.


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