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Russian Name Days for Maria, Darya, and Svetlana!

31. March 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian women named Maria celebrate several times a year since there were so many saints who shared the name. March 31st is yet another Russian Name Day for Marias, which is said to have several meanings, such as "beloved" in Hebrew and "the sea" in Latin. Russian and Ukrainian ladies often spell it “Mariya” or go by the nickname “Masha”.


April 1st is the Russian Name Day for Daryas, which is the Russian version of the Greek name Daria. Its meaning in Greek is “maintains possessions well”, while in ancient Persian it means “wealthy”, and in today’s Persian it means “the sea”. The common Russian nickname is Dasha, which may also be used as the Russian form of the Greek name Dorothy, which means “gift of God”.


The third name we're celebrating this week is purely Slavic in origin and is a very common name for hot Russian brides. April 2nd is a Russian Name Day for Svetlanas. This name became increasingly popular with the 1813 poem by Russian poet Vasily Zhukovsky titled Svetlana.


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Maria - March 31st


Darya - April 1st


Svetlana - April 2nd