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Russian Name Days for Tamara and Irina!

27. April 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Loving Russian lady, Tamaro4ka

There are many different ways to start chatting with new single ladies on HotRussianBrides.com. You can search for specific types of women, reply to those who email you, and peruse the Photo Galleries. Another great way is to congratulate girls who are celebrating Russian Name Days!


April 28th and May 2nd are Russian Name Days for ladies named Tamara. This is the Slavic form of the old Hebrew name Tamar, which means “palm tree”. Russian and Ukrainian women who share this name are known to be imaginative dreamers with strong, confident personalities. They may enjoy being called by their affectionate nicknames Toma, Tomochka, or Tamarochka.


In between those days is another name to celebrate. April 29th is a Russian Name Day for Irina, a very popular name in countries of the Former Soviet Union. It comes from the Greek name Irene, meaning “peace”. While Irinas may give off a shy and tranquil vibe, they can also have strong opinions and speak straightforwardly.


Here are some lovely Tamaras and Irinas who have recently started their search on HotRussianBrides.com. Click on the photos to view their profiles. Strike up a live chat if they are online now, or send a special email to show your appreciation!


Tamara - April 28th & May 2nd

Hot Ukrainian bride, LitleRedDres

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, Pilat

Pretty Russian lady, Toma91

Beautiful Russian bride, Toma_toma

Hot Russian bride, Carioka

Sexy Russian single, Toma810

Adorable Ukrainian bride, Tamara02


Irina - April 29th

Hot Ukrainian woman, Amulette

Beautiful Russian woman, BrunettIrina

Gorgeous Ukrainian lady, Irishennka

Amazing Ukrainian bride, KissMee

Charming Russian bride, JesikaRabbit

Sexy Ukrainian single, HotLoveIrina

Dreamy Russian woman, Mysterla

Hot Russian bride, irinka20

Breathtaking Russian bride, Irenastar