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Russian Name Days in December

1. December 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

While most Russian women are looking forward to Christmas parties, there are even more reasons to celebrate this month. Russian Name Days began as a religious tradition to honor saints. Since children were often named after saints, they would enjoy the special celebrations too.


Many countries in Europe and Latin American still celebrate name days, including countries of the Former Soviet Union. Mark your calendars for these December name days and be sure to send some happy wishes their way!


December 7 - Ekaterina

This name is of Greek origins and means “pure”. It usually describes a person who is intelligent, ambitious, friendly, and respected. Ekaterina is often noted for her bravado and extravagance in both her behavior and clothing. She takes her time before getting married although has plenty of admirers. She tends to be attracted towards men who are similar psychologically.


December 22 - Anna

This name is of Hebrew origin and means “grace”. She is very trustful, unselfish, and friendly. Her kindness knows no limits so a profession as a doctor or nurse is well-suited for her. She likes to take care of others, as well as herself, always dressed to impress. Anna’s are very devoted to love and patience in marriage, but will not tolerate unfaithfulness.


December 23 - Angelina

The origin of this name means “little angel” or “messenger of God”. Angelina’s are typically soft spoken, sweet, and very attractive. Don’t let their quietness fool you because they are actually very powerful and influential women.


December 29 - Marina

This name of Latin origin means “marine”. As a young girl, Marina possesses a certain mysterious charm that attracts everyone to her. She is intelligent and courageous with a strong self-esteem. She usually loves lots of attention and enjoys cooking.


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