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Russian Olympic City a Hot Spot for UFO’s

21. October 2009 by James 0 Comments

With preparations underway in Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics, perhaps organizers need to upgrade the airport to handle intergalactic flights.  Witnesses have reported hundreds of sightings at this resort city. Some hope to turn Sochi known for great resorts and beautiful women, into the Russian version of Roswell.


Local Capture Images

Sochi resident Vladislav Karabanov claims to have captured images of UFO’s from his back porch. With the use of high-definition cameras, Vladislav has captured very clear images of objects that move at a high rate of speed and vanish quickly before hitting the ground or the Black Sea.


Mysterious Mountain

Local folklore says the summit of the Bytkha Mountain is sacred and paranormal place. Vladislav says for centuries this area was considered sacred by the local tribes. The Ubykhs, the original inhabitants of the region, believed Bytkha Mountain was hallowed ground and built a temple at the foot of the mountain.


Karabanov believes that this area serves as some sort of base for the UFO’s. He believes it is a doorway between worlds. He is certain that the area around his home and the summit of Bytkha Mountain in Sochi is being used by extraterrestrials as some sort of intergalactic spaceport.


Experts are Baffled

Video experts have examined the footage that Vladislav shot and concluded that the images where not faked or altered in any way. They don’t know what the objects are, but they say the footage is real by the way the sun and shadows reflect off the objects.  Furthermore, they say Hollywood could not make such good special effects, with the three-dimensional points of views of the objects that are visible in the footage.


Perhaps the aliens or whatever is flying in the skies above Sochi are there to scout out Olympic venues or perhaps they are there to meet beautiful Russian women. You don’t need a starship to meet hot Russian women. A much easier way is to log on to HotRussianBrides.com.