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Russian President Celebrates 45th Birthday

15. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

With the hectic schedule Dmitry Medvedev has, he chose to spend his 45th birthday relaxing at the seaside presidential palace in Sochi with his family. “My work does not allow me to spend much time with my family,” he has said in the past. “My birthday is a good reason to get together.”


Many world leaders contacted the Russian President yesterday with congratulations. Azerbaijan's Ilham Aliyev, Armenia's Serzh Sargsyan and Kazakhstan's Nursultan Nazarbayev wished him happy birthday via conference call, while Abkhazia's Sergei Bagapsh and Transdnestr's Igor Smirnov sent him telegrams.


Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych congratulated Medvedev with a lengthy telephone conversation, while also discussing the growing cooperation between their countries. Kim Jong Il of North Korea also sent a birthday message wishing the President good health and success in the work for stability and development of Russia.


Russian politicians and officials were unsure how to handle the President’s birthday, since Medvedev has taken a strong stance against expensive gifts and bribes to thwart corruption in the government. Some still felt they should congratulate him with presents, while others argued it was not necessary. They ultimately agreed on simply sending telegrams.


Even legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne sent a special shout out to President Medvedev while in Moscow on Monday for a performance, as seen in the video below. Medvedev is a huge fan of Black Sabbath, as well as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Deep Purple.


He chose the social networking platform Twitter to share his appreciation, tweeting, “Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It’s very nice, really.”