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Russian Prime Minister and Blogger Fight Wildfires

9. August 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

While his counterpart in the Presidential wing of the Russian government, Dmitry Medvedev, is notorious for being a technophile who blogs regularly and is working on improving the technology industry of Russia, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is generally not know for being particularly web-savvy. The Russian politician turned quite a few heads when he recently responded to a political blogger’s criticism of the Russian response to some recent natural disasters.

The recent heat wave in Russia has caused a great deal more than Russian ladies playing volleyball. In some woodland areas, there have been some wildfires breaking out. The blogger criticized the government’s reaction to the blazes and the lack of Fire alarms and Fire trucks in his area, demanding the government redirect the tax money that the blogger pays to directly fund these.

Prime Minister Putin shocked media outlets by not only responding to the blogger, but by (in principle) agreeing with him. The Prime Minister offered not only a fire alarm bell for the blogger’s town but also a personal bell for the blogger himself, in case he became aware of fires before the public in general.

Putin himself is still not an avid internet user; the blog post had been printed out and forwarded to him by an employee of a local Radio Station. The blogger, known only as “top_lap” has since posted that the fire bells had now been installed but the lack of resources to fight the fires was still a very real threat.

Russia’s response to the recent heat wave recently caused another very strange internet sensation, here after the first rain of the season, the flurry of posts on the popular microblogging site Twitter.com mentioning the Russian word “дождь” or “Rain” caused the word to become a “trending topic”, confusing the many western users of the service who are unfamiliar with Cyrillic and causing some confusion about what the word actually meant.