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Russian Radio Station Broadcast in the U.S.

10. June 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Voice of Russia Radio is living up to their motto "The more voices, the better" by launching two U.S.-based stations in Washington, DC and New York City.


"This is a very important step for our radio company," said Andrey Bystritskiy, head of Voice of Russia. "For the first time ever, programs meant for U.S. listeners will be made right in the U.S.A."


The stations report on international and U.S. news, but they say what makes them different is their efforts to bring up what is being left out by American mainstream media.


"When you consider America’s foreign policy has huge effects around the world, I would say we are not hearing enough," said Carmen Russel-Sluchansky, Voice of Russia producer. "Basically, a lot of American media will ask a Democrat and a Republican the same question and then call it a day ... I mean, that to them is what getting both sides is."


The morning edition airs from 6-9am, while the afternoon program runs from 4-7pm. New York City listeners can tune in to 1430 AM and Washington, DC residents can find it on 1390 AM.


With its first broadcast in 1929, Voice of Russia is one of the world's oldest radio stations. Besides political programs, there are historic, cultural and musical shows as well. American officials agree that the presence of a Russian radio station in the U.S. is very important, and will give listeners alternative views on world events.