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Russian Rocker Running for Khimki Mayor

18. September 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

"I am here to build a bright future for the people of Khimki," Spider says, standing outside of the city's administrator headquarters. "And for Russia."


The 46-year-old heavy metal legend was accompanied by four scantily-clad Russian women who make up his campaign staff as they delivered hundreds of compulsory signatures in support of his controversial election campaign.


200,000 people live in Khimki, the city just north of Moscow, and many are anticipating the October 14th mayoral election to see if the nearby woodland will be saved or sacrificed for a Moscow-St. Petersburg motorway.


Born Sergei Troitsky, Spider says the forest should be cut down because it's "dirty." He also plans on turning Khimki into a gambling town, "Russia's Las Vegas," despite the fact that casinos are banned in most of the city.


"Native Americans are allowed to run casinos in the United States, right?" he says. "So the Russian people should be allowed to as well. Russians are also dying out."


While most people think Spider's campaign is a joke (he requests two bottles of sweet Ukrainian wine from media outlets wishing to speak to him), others believe the shock rocker is part of a cynical Kremlin project to detract attention from anti-Putin candidate Yevgenia Chirikova. She staunchly opposes the billion-dollar highway project that will destroy the forest and was awarded the Green Nobel Prize earlier this year, along with $150,000.


"She says I’m a spoiler," he shouts, "and, yes, maybe I am for the opposition. Because the U.S. State Department will come after her after she loses at the polls and ask ‘Where’s the money?’ And she’ll have to say, ‘The spoiler,’ you know? We’ve wasted all the cash.’" 

Source: RIA Novosti