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Russian Woman Banned From Olympic Skiing Team

26. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Cross-country skier Alena Sidko, age 30, has been kicked off Russia’s Vancouver Olympics team after testing positive for the banned blood-booster EPO. Authorities report that Sidko tested positive at a competition in Moscow last month.

"We can confirm she is ineligible to compete,” International Ski Federation (FIS) anti-doping administrator Sarah Fussek told Reuters on Tuesday. “If you want to know why, you must ask the Russian ski federation."

Vladimir Loginov, President of the Russian ski federation, will not say what prompted Sidko’s ban, though National head coach Yury Charkovsky claims the athlete was thrown off the team for being overweight.

Sidko is not the first Russian skier to run into trouble with EPO. Last month, Julija Tchepalova, Yevgeny Dementiev, and Nina Rysina all received two-year bans after testing positive for the banned drug.

Sidko won a bronze medal in the individual sprint competition at the 2006 Turin Olympics and many expected her to bring home additional medals at the 2010 Olympic Games starting next month. She has not commented on the ban.

Source: Reuters