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Russian Woman Filmmaker Documents Life in Antarctica

30. September 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

As a native of Moscow, Russian filmmaker Olga Stefanova is accustomed to harsh winters. But what she was used to in her homeland does not compare to the cold, dry and windy conditions in her temporary home at the south pole.

Stefanova is braving a year in Antarctica collecting footage for her latest documentary about polar scientists who work on the world’s coldest and driest continent. She is documenting her experience with the 55th Russian Antarctic Expedition on a blog dubbed “Antarctica: Letters Home.”

Stefanova is staying for the year in one of five stations operated by Russia in Antarctica. On the blog, she writes about such things as Penguin invasions, souvenir collecting among the station’s residents and her own struggle to adjust to the physical and mental effects that accompany the harsh climate.

With women historically having been forbidden from joining Antarctic expeditions, Stefanova is the sole female at her station and one of the only women among all of the stations. However, she notes that she has made friends with some of the other females, having invited one friend to take part in a traditional Russian banya – or steam bath.

Stefanova’s blog can be found here.