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Russian Woman Wins Javelin Championship

2. September 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Over the last week in Daegu, Korea, pole vaulters, disc throwers, long jumpers, and more competed in the IAAF World Championships. The women's javelin contest was one of the most spectacular events in the sports' history, with three of the top eight throws ever recorded witnessed by the enthusiastic crowd. 


After a back and forth battle with her arch rival Barbora Spotakova of the Czech Republic, 25-year-old Maria Abakumova of Russia finished with the farthest throw and won the gold medal. Everyone was impressed by both ladies efforts, but Maria was mystified.


"It’s a mystery to me why the javelin went so far and floated so high," she explained. "The air seemed to catch it and it went on and on. I wasn’t expecting my best result."


Born in Stavropol and now living in Krasnodar, Maria's winning throw of 71.99 meters became a championship record and the second farthest throw of all time. However, she encountered a few setbacks prior to the event which shattered her self confidence.


"For the first time in a competition I forgot to take off my watch," she said. "Then my MP3 player would not work, so I told my coach he was going to have to sing for me!" Also, a month before the championship, she injured her right heel and could barely walk after the qualifiers. "I thought 70 meters was possible, but I was not sure because of my health. I was very afraid before the final. We put so much tape on my foot that it was like a plaster cast."


Now Maria is surprised by all of the attention she's already receiving because of her big win. "I have never been so popular," she said. "Nations you would never think would be interested in the javelin." She has her sights set on the Olympics next and is prepared to train even harder.


Source, Photos: iaaf.org