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Russian Women Are Pretty and Professional

15. August 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

A common misperception about Russian women is that have no desire to work outside the home. However, this simply isn’t true. While many ladies are excellent homemakers, they’re also clever, ambitious, and skilled in a variety of professions. 

Many women on HotRussianBrides.com are university students, particularly young women. Education is very important in Russia and the Ukraine so gentlemen will frequently encounter ladies with an advanced degree or two. Gentlemen should also keep in mind that many ladies on HRB list their major as their occupation which explains why some 18 and 19-year-old women are labeled as doctors or lawyers.

Speaking of doctors and lawyers, more than a few single Russian women hold these prestigious positions. HotRussianBrides is also home to a number of nurses, teachers, journalists, economists, and more.

Many ladies of HRB also hold creative positions, working as artists, dancers, singers, and musicians.

Given the number of breathtaking women on HotRussianBrides.com, it’s not surprising that several ladies work as professional models. However, these women are looking for love like anyone else so gentlemen shouldn’t feel intimated by Russian models or treat them any differently.

Some gentlemen may be puzzled by professions like visagiste or philologist but a quick Google search, or better yet, chat with the lady should clear up any confusion.

Want to meet a lady in a particular profession? Though the Advanced Search page doesn’t allow gentlemen to search by job, members of HRB can look for women in a specific field by altering the profession link below. For example, men seeking engineers should change doctor to engineer, while fellows searching for secretaries should change doctor to secretaries (and so on).


Suitors should be careful not to change any other part of the link or it won’t work.

Good luck and happy job hunting!