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Russian Women Are Real People

16. February 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

At times, it can be hard to remember that the stunningly beautiful women of Hot Russian Brides are real people, not distant, mythic beauties. However, each and every lady on our site is a real person with hopes and dreams, ideas and emotions, and gentlemen should always treat the ladies with respect and dignity.

Though most men on Russian dating sites are polite and down-to-earth, others are rude and unrealistic. These men tend to view ladies on international dating sites as objects that are available for sale, and as such expect the women to behave in a subservient way because Western men pay to use Russian dating sites and women from the Former Soviet Union do not. This is a terrible approach.

Some men, on the other hand, buy into the common stereotypes about Russian women and expect to meet a fantasy lady on Hot Russian Brides. Sure, a young, beautiful, thin, sophisticated, non-superficial Russian woman who adores Western men and cares nothing about a man’s age, looks, or income may be looking for love on HRB. However, don’t count on it. More men than you’d think come to Russian dating sites with the expectation of meeting a perfect woman and become bitter and angry when they don’t.

Russian women aren’t for sale, nor are they fantasy females. They’re real women with flaws and baggage, quirks and annoyances, and men who truly wish to find a Russian bride must keep this in mind.