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Russian Women Aren’t Material Girls

6. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Those who are unfamiliar with Russian dating services like HotRussianBrides.com often assume the worst about Russian women. They claim that the ladies are only interested in Western men for their money and the immigration privileges an intercultural relationship can bring. While a small amount of Russian women may have ulterior motives, most aren’t thinking of material gain. Why? Because materialism is just not a part of Russian culture.


A Simpler Lifestyle

Unlike Westerners, most Russians live in small, modest apartments. Many Russian people do not own vehicles, and luxuries like home computers and HDTVs are basically unheard of. In fact, many Russians are amazed by the size of a typical American home. “Three bedrooms and two baths?” they might ask, “Why do you need all that space?” Several of the material goods we take for granted in Western countries simply do not exist in Russia and Russian women are just fine with that.


A Culturally-Enriched Lifestyle

Many Russians fill their time with cultural activities. Theatres, symphonies, orchestras, art galleries, and fashion shows are all popular destinations. Friendships are also a top priority in many Russian people’s lives, and it is not uncommon to see groups of friends talking, laughing, and sharing ideas at sidewalk cafes and coffee shops. While there are Russians who drive flashy cares and frequent designer stores, this behavior is far more common in Western countries.


Safety a Top Concern, Not Wealth

Believe it or not, Russian women are worried about safety when they prepare to move overseas, not material wealth. They contact HotRussianBrides with questions about what action they can take if they’re abused by Western husbands or what they can do if their spouse is mentally unstable. The Russian women do not ask if their future home will have a sauna and a pool or when they can get a permanent resident card. In fact, these luxuries are the last things on their minds.    

Despite the popular stereotype, the majority of Russian women are not gold diggers. While the ladies on HotRussianBrides may have less than their Western counterparts, they are not dissatisfied with their lots and most of the women lead happy, fulfilling lives. They are simply looking for love wherever they can find it.

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