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Russian Women Fear Controlling Men

18. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

A common worry among women on Russian dating sites is that they will end up at the mercy of a cruel and controlling husband. A recent article in Marie Claire magazine illustrates exactly what the ladies fear most.


In "My Life as a Mail-Order Bride,” Ukrainian woman Oksana Makarova discovers that her new husband, who was polite and charming in Ukraine, was actually a controlling monster who would not allow her to leave the house, use the computer, or talk to her friends and family more than 10 minutes at a time, among other things. Though Oksana’s experience is rare and extreme, Russian women still fear that they will one day find themselves in a similar situation.

As we’ve mentioned before, men who are controlling on HotRussianBrides will have a tough time finding a Russian bride. Ladies don’t want to end up like Oksana, and if a man is controlling online they can’t help but wonder how he’ll behave in person. So what are controlling behaviors on HotRussianBrides? Ordering or pressuring a woman to log on to the site at a certain time, telling women they can’t chat with other men, demanding immediate replies, insisting on meeting at a certain place or time (regardless of a lady’s schedule), etc.  Respectful requests are fine, but orders and demands are not.


Men should try to remember that they are not the only ones who have fears about Russian dating. The ladies have their own legitimate concerns about the experience, including the fear that they’ll be fooled by a controlling man who will make their life miserable once they arrive in his country. Gentlemen who understand these concerns, don’t take a lady’s worries personally, and behave in a polite and respectful manner are more likely to win a lady’s trust and avoid misunderstandings that can damage or destroy a relationship.