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Russian Women Finish 1st and 2nd in London Marathon

26. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Lilia Shobukova wins London Marathon

32 year old Lilia Shobukova is a champion runner. She's the European record holder for the 5,000 meters and she came in first place at the Chicago Marathon in October of last year.


On Sunday, Shobukova proved she's still a champion of speed by clocking a remarkable time and finishing first at the London Marathon.


Two hours, twenty-nine minutes and fifty-one seconds was all it took for Shobukova to complete the grueling 26 mile race. This was only her third marathon, but already her second win. She claims she's ready to win the Olympics.


Not only did Shubokova make the record books by becoming the first Russian woman to win the London Marathon, but her fellow Russian competitor Inga Abitova added to the achievement by placing second.