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Russian Women Have Their Own International Dating Fears

7. July 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Think Western gentlemen are the only ones with Russian dating fears? Think again. While the ladies aren’t concerned with green card scammers or insincere gold diggers they do have their own unique, and equally valid, fears. Here are three of the most common.


Dealing With Creeps

While the majority of men on Russian dating sites are normal guys looking for love, there are a few creepy fellows who give the industry a bad name. Much like Western gentlemen hear stories of Russian scammers, Russian women hear tales of creepy men who make outrageous demands, call women terrible names, or show up at a lady’s doorstep uninvited and unannounced. Because of this, the ladies on international dating websites are naturally fearful of encountering inappropriate and creepy gentlemen and are selective about they will chat with. That’s why it’s important that members of HotRussianBrides be on their best behavior.


Falling for a Liar

Though the women on Russian dating sites are regularly accused of posting false photos or inaccurate profile information, a surprising number of Western suitors do this very thing. Several women have fooled by men who were much older than they claimed, men who were already married, or suitors who looked completely different in person than they did in their photos. Because of this, a Russian woman may be skeptical about an online suitor until she has the opportunity to meet him in person. Gentlemen shouldn’t take this personally. It’s simply the ladies’ way of shielding themselves from a broken heart.


Being Unhappy Abroad

Even if a lady does meet and marry a perfect gentleman she still faces the monumental task of building a new life in a foreign country far from her family and friends. Unfortunately, many suitors forget the sacrifice Russian women make when they abroad and are surprised, or even impatient, when a new bride has trouble adjusting. To help Russian women feel more at ease about taking the big leap into marriage, gentlemen should show that they are aware of, and care about, the challenges facing Russian brides and that they will do everything they can to help a special lady adjust to her new life.

Both Russian women and Western gentlemen have concerns about Russian dating. An international daters who try to look at things from a prospective match’s point of view, rather than just their own, are more likely to have a successful international dating experience.