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Russian Women Named Nina Celebrate Today (14 Pics!)

27. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Beautiful Russian bride, Ninami

Beautiful Russian brides named Nina are celebrating their name day today. This name has Spanish and Hebrew origins, but for Slavic women, Nina is often short for Antonina.


Enjoy these photos of lovely Russian ladies named Nina. Click on them to view their profiles. If you want to learn more about them, why not send a happy name day email and begin some communication today?


Sexy Russian lady, Fimiama

Cute Russian girl, Ninna

Sweet Russian lady, Ninochka88

Beautiful Russian bride, Ninamur

Attractive Ukrainian bride, Nina20

Gorgeous Ukrainian woman, Ninali

Stunning Ukrainian lady, Ninastar89

Hot Russian bride, Ninabeauty

Sexy Ukrainian lady, Nina1984

Lovely Ukrainian lady, Nina89

Beautiful Russian bride, Desir_nina

Beautiful Ukrainian bride, Ninablossom

Sexy Ukrainian bride, Ninuliya