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Russian Women Reveal their Relationships with Religion

13. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Gentlemen often wonder if Russian and Ukrainian women are especially spiritual. While religion does play an important role in these countries’ culture and history, each lady practices her own faith in varying degrees.


HotRussianBrides.com devised a Match Up Survey to discover if men and women shared similar views on a variety of topics and one question asked, “How would you describe your relationship with faith?” Answers ranged from “I read scripture every day” to “I am not religious at all”, but the majority of both male and female members replied that they are religious but not fervent followers.


More than half of the hot Russian brides surveyed (53%) selected “I only go to church on special occasions”, while 25% said “I have faith, but don’t practice religion” which is how most of the gentlemen (48%) answered as well. 22% of guys admitted they only attend services for special occasions.


Smaller percentages of Russian ladies shared that they read scripture every day (8%), go to church every week (7%) or are not religious at all (6%).


HotRussianBrides.com Match Up Survey Results


If religion is essential in your life and you’d prefer the same from your Russian wife, you can search for ladies of specific faiths such as Christian, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist, and others. If you don’t firmly believe in a higher power, you can find your ideal Russian woman to worship instead!